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tape up for grabs

i'm keeping a copy of this for myself, but if anyone wants to trade...

SIDEA "yeahyeah"
1 queens of the stone age - "lost art of keeping a secret"
2 the raveonettes - "my tornado"
3 pavement - "no life singed her"
4 primal scream - "rise"
5 sleater-kinney - "god is a number"
6 sneaker pimps - "kiro TV"
7 pj harvey - "man-sized sextet"
8 bjork - "my spine"
9 neutral milk hotel - "tuesday moon"

SIDEB "baby it's a retrograde"
1 NIN - "even deeper"
2 hole - "he hit me and it felt like a kiss" (carol king cover)
3 belle and sebastian - "seeing other people"
4 elliot smith - "rose parade"
5 massive attack - "dissolved girl"
6 the magnetic fields - "the things we did and didn't do"
7 cat power - "i found a reason" (velvet underground cover)
8 neutral milk hotel - "three peaches"
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